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Lose from  8 kg.
In 30 days with a unique patented technology.

Doctor Mariyat Mukhina — one of the most popular Moscow nutritionists according to the Forbes magazine forbes
M. M. Mukhina’s Autobiography

What to expect on the first appointment?

Price starts from 3500 rub. for one session

Main stages in losing your excess weight

Making an appointment

Consultation with
a physician

of the Golden Needle

and weight
loss procedures
based on Dr. Mukhina’s
acupuncture method.

The patient stays under observation by ORIGITEA specialists for the duration of the treatment.

Each appointment begins at the physician's office.
The doctor determines their weight , the change in parameters,
general body dynamics and much more.

Take the first step
towards a healthy
strong figure.

Receive full information
about the method.

The “Golden Needle” method is the most safe
and effective method among methods available today.
The technology itself is simple and allows to quickly receive first results.
The implantation of the gold needle is painless and takes a few minutes.

After the needle is installed:

Our Awards

Brussel innova-2010. Gold medal for acupuncture akustrakt technology Golden needle®

Order of the officer state award of Belgium for contribution to the development of world science

Star Order of the Grand Commander, 2011

Order of the Commander

Order of the Cavalier of the European Union

Order of the Officer of the European Union

Honorary Cup from Ministry of Education of Romania for the Golden Needle “Nature” Collection, 2014

Gold medal from the Association of French Inventors, 2014

Gold medal "Nikola Tesla" Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014

Honorary Cups of the organizing committee of the exhibition Brussel Innova-2010, 2011

Few facts about the Golden Needle method

Exhausting diets
are in the past

Highly effective method
Receive your consultation right now

Dr. M. Mukhina acts as an expert
on public Russian TV channels and on the radio:

Many Russian celebrities
have tried the unique weight loss method

  • Irina Muromtseva Irina Muromtseva — Russia channel Presenter
  • Sergei Zhigunov Sergei Zhigunov — Soviet and Russian actor, film director, producer. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation
  • Bari Karimovich Alibasov Bari Karimovich Alibasov — is a Soviet and Russian musician, music producer, Honored Artist of Russia.
  • Regina Dubovitskaya Regina Dubovitskaya — is the author and the permanent presenter of the «Anshlag» program.
  • Angelina Mikhailovna Vovk Angelina Mikhailovna Vovk — TV presenter and stage, People's Artist of the Russian Federation.
  • Natasha Koroleva Natasha Koroleva — Honored Artist of Russia

Dr. Mukhina’s Origitea
clinic in facts and figures

  • a Network of more than 15 clinics
    Origitea successfully treats people in Russia and abroad
  • Has five clinics in ownership
    More than 200 employees
  • Clinics abroad
    and in Spain
  • Our own branded beauty salons
  • 80% of clients become constant
  • Company turnover of 20 mil rub. a month
  • 16 clinics successfully work
    based on our franchise system
  • More than 500 000 clients

Take the first step
to a slim figure

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Our clinics in Russia


Komsomolsky Propspekt h.32
metro station «Frunzenskaya».

Registry phones:
+7 (495) 739-57-47,
8-800-700-44-47 (Free call in Russia)

Balaklavsky Propekt h. 16/2
metro station «Chertanovskaya»

Registry phones:
+7 (495) 221-65-26,
8-800-700-44-47 (Free call in Russia)

Akademika Korolev h. 24
metro station «VDNH».

Registry phones:
+7 (495) 639-19-31,
8-800-700-44-47 (Free call in Russia)

Beauty salon «Origitea»:

Bulvar Marshala Rokossovkogo h. 6/1
(metro station «Bulvar Marshala Rokossovkogo»)

Registry phones:
+7 (495) 777-93-29

St. Petersburg:

Stremyannaya street h.16

Registry phones:
8 (812) 608-97-77,
8 (921) 188-68-20,
8 (921) 944-34-21,
8-800-700-44-47 (Free call in Russia)


Volodarskogo street, h. 40.

Registry phones:
8 (4822) 777-161,
8-800-700-44-47 (Free call in Russia)

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Диетолог Мухина

Mariyat Muradaliyevna Mukhina is a Doctor
of Medical Sciences, neurologist, reflexologist, phytotherapist, dermatologist, venereologist, cosmetologist, dietarian, the creator of an effective weight loss method Golden Needle® and the complex method «Golden Method of Slimness».

Mariyat Muradaliyevna is an author of more than 30 scientific works published in federal scientific publications including a practical manual for doctors "Use of reflexotherapy method for treatment of excess body weight and figure correction".

Author of the book «Golden Method of Slimness».
Author of the Origitea Medical Diagnostics complex.

Dr. Mukhina Weekly acts as an expert on TV channels: Channel One Russia, Russia One, LifeNews, Moscow 24, Podmoskovye channel, Moscow Doverye Channel, Domashny channel, NTV, TV Center, MIR TV; and radio stations: FM city, Mayak, Novoe Radio


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